Pickups, refreshed!

Soon, pickups will have some new and changed behavior on Karrot:

  • pickups can be disabled and enabled (but not removed anymore)
  • only one-time pickups can be moved (moving pickups that were part of a recurring pickup was possible before, but had lots of problems)
  • max slots and additional information can be reset to recurring pickups default
  • there is a dialog to inform users about diverging pickups when editing a recurring pickup

It’s meant to resolve Better change handling for recurring pickups? and Double pickup dates - Bug report and a few other problems.

I intend to release this feature next week, possibly 2019-01-12 (Saturday). In the meantime, you can try it out on https://dev.karrot.world/.

Migration notes

If you have moved pickups that are part of a recurring pickup, they will get changed into a one-time pickup. A disabled pickup will get created at the original time as placeholder.

A few pictures

Make clear when a pickup diverges from defaults


Make aware when a pickup that is part of a recurring pickup doesn’t match the setting you just changed

This pickup has been disabled. Note that users who joined the pickup before will stay, but the pickup doesn’t count as done and people can’t give feedback about it.


That looks really good, because we had some issues over the holidays with not being able to delete pick ups as people were signed in. You maybe saw that :slight_smile:

Will there also be a notification that the pick ups has been disabled to those who are signed up for it?

Yeah, there are now notifications about enabled and disabled pickups, as well as moved one-time pickups :blush: All user who joined the pickup will get notified.

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Great! We in Warsaw are looking forward to it!