Double pickup dates - Bug report

Sometimes we (Warsaw) have a problem with doubled pickup dates. For (to us) unknown reasons one day is sometimes doubled, but another (neighboring) day disapears. Everything in the settings is correct - there seems to be just one pickup time for each day. Have you also noticed this? First we thought that it maybe happens when a new features are introduced or something, but it seems to be independent of this.

Maybe we should just restart everything, but how to do it when there are people registered? And this happens also in other places, not only here. Any correction to the original and we start having double days and some days are dissapearing…

It might be a case of Improve handling of changed pickup settings when saving series · Issue #797 · yunity/karrot-frontend · GitHub - when deleting a pickup date series, pickups with people already signed up for will not get deleted.

I’ll add a note to the issue above that it should be fixed rather soon. In the meantime, you can delete the duplicated pickup after all people left it.

Partly this is what is described there, but it’s not only while deleting, but also while changing any settings besides of the general info about the shop, but changing number of weeks in advance or number of people for a pickup messes things up. Looking forward to the fix for it!

With the upcoming changes, this should be resolved: Pickups, refreshed!