Non-member signup for public activities

User story: @David from Robin Foods

as our activities grow and lot of people not signed up in karrot sadly, I made clickable mockups that could help visualize the “breaking-the-silo” feature, which would help us a lot, so we can keep be organised :slightly_smiling_face: I will try my best to come to a meeting and having a chat with you.

Here are the mockups - Im happy about feedback.

Complexity: quite complex, involves both frontend and backend

Outcomes (or what needs to be done to move forward): discuss and figure out more details

From the discussion we had some questions appeared that will inform further design:

  • how to deal with the data for the people who sign up?
    • delete after activity; or…
    • create staged user, keep e-mail account and history for a future signup to Karrot
  • should we include roles/participant types?
    • can be useful for bigger events
    • hard to deal with the logic and how to display it
    • maybe free text form
  • communication and updates with the people who signed up
    • should there be an activity chat?
    • what if the activity gets canceled or changed, how are people informed?
    • how to get in touch with organizers? enough displaying contact info?

Thoughts and reactions for this mockup can be found on the meeting notes: Weekly call about Karrot development 2024 - #19 by bruno

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