Karrot release updates

This is a new thread (as discussed) to communicate when we do new releases of karrot to karrot.world (aka production).


I just deployed a minor change, that fixes the translations strings for the general purpose theme, e.g. the bike kitchen projects. So “Activities” should show up again in the left menu (and other places) instead of “Pickups”.

A new version is released! 8.7.1

The most significant change is that you can now attach images to messages (works for any kind of message, walls, private chats, activity chats, etc…)!

Also, there is a new group switcher for desktop (click the group picture in the top left of karrot), useful if you are a member of multiple groups.


  • Allow images to be attached to messages [#2128] #1028 @nicksellen
  • Display number of total group members on top of member list [#2149] @djahnie


  • Improve activity history display to show activity information more clearly [#2151] from suggestion @nicksellen
  • Only show pull-to-refresh in app @tiltec
  • Sort feedback by activity date instead of feedback date [#2157] [#2161] #1044 @nicksellen

I also did a minor release (8.7.2), which adds better support for Luxembourgish :slight_smile: (thanks to @danveg)

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We’re releasing v8.8.0 now :slight_smile:

The main differences are actually behind the scene, we switched the way we use the Quasar library (which is where our user interface components come from). This might cause a few issues temporarily during our deployment.

This switch enables us to support “PWA” (Progressive Web App) method of installation, so instead of installing the app from the play store, you can use “add to home screen” (or similar) inside your browser, and it will behave a bit like a proper app. In the future we’ll repackage the app too using this technology, we just need to wrap it in yet another acronym, a “TWA” (Trusted Web Activity). Confusing huh! So, literally we will have a SPA delivered as a PWA inside a TWA. Phew!

As for user facing features, this release includes the new statistics view! It’s based on this proposal by @mzpawlowski and was discussed further here More statistics display.


  • Karrot can now be added to your homescreen (installed as App). Check out the button at the bottom of your profile settings page! @tiltec
  • Added group activity statistics display @nicksellen


  • Move “not connected” message into topbar for mobile view @tiltec
  • Add message when Karrot is trying to reconnect @tiltec

Today v9.0.0 is released!

The biggest change is we now support co-ordinating more than just pickups, but also meetings, distributions, and events. You can read more about that here → What are activity types in Karrot?

Another change we hope makes karrot easier for people to find their local groups is that we now emphasize nearby groups in the group gallery. We use geo ip (that uses your IP address to find an approximate location, see this wikipedia article that explains a bit more about that) to show users the groups that are nearest to them more prominently.

The still-quite-new activity statistics page can now show information from all time, so long as you don’t have a user selected (in which case it will only go back 6 months, as it did before). This was from a request from @danveg.

We also now save your message drafts, making it harder to lose your messages (e.g. if you lose connection, or navigate away from the page, or karrot decides to reload). They are stored locally on the device.

Smaller changes/fixes are:

  • clearer input box on the application form
  • accept/decline buttons for applications now show in the chat sidebar
  • small map toggles are fixed
  • selection of issues in the list improved
  • group select on profile page fixed
  • updated playstore rollout method

See changelog for full details of the changes, and links to the code.


A small update today. Version v9.1.0.

The group switcher image sizes could end up HUGE sometimes for some people (see issue, and this is fixed now.

(Also fixed a minor detail about group ordering when geoip is not available (no visible symptoms)).

See changelog for full details.

Version v9.2.0 released just now!

The most visible change is in the display of activities, thanks to our new more UX-focused contributors from Freiburg :+1:

In terms of features the most notable part is you can now add/edit/customize your groups activity types! This has been a long time coming, and I’m very happy to have this feature now that let’s you customize Karrot for your use cases :karrot:

[9.2.0] - 2020-03-23



  • use default group location for defaultMapCenter when creating a new place @larzon83 [#2293]
  • Remove disabled pickups on applied filters on pickups page @pogopaule [#2271]
  • activities: improve design and UX of activities listing @larzon83 [#2303]
  • Small redesign of place page @brnsolikyl [#2266]


  • activities: only hover pictures if device supports it @larzon83 [#2297]
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I just released 9.5.1 (which contains changes from 9.5.0 too).

Main changes:

  • the statistics display is now more advanced, as discussed in More statistics display
  • you can revoke trust you’ve given a user
  • you can subscribe to a calender feed of your activities

I also notice not all releases were mentioned in this thread, I’ll try I can keep it up to date from now on. Also, just a note that all these changes were developed a few months back, but just hadn’t been deployed yet.


[9.5.1] - 2021-11-08


  • increase android API level target from 29 to 30 @nicksellen

[9.5.0] - 2021-11-08


  • activity-list: enable ics subscriptions for activities @amengsk @larzon83 [#2368]
  • Users can revoke trust @pogopaule [#2352]
  • meta-tags: added title variable to quasar.conf.js and og_site_name for meta description [#2405]


  • Remove invitation by e-mail at members page @brnsolikyl [#2349]
  • Redirect to place feedback page after saving, highlight entry @tiltec [#2417]
  • meta-tags: site description update in composer.json update for og:title [#2405]
  • activities: ics subscription only exposes joined events [#2428]


  • add explicit host in ics url @amengsk [#2406]

A Christmas present release!

Mostly a collection of small improvements. Enjoy!

9.6.0 - 2021-12-24


  • Choice of default view (wall or activities) on place page @brnsolikyl @nicksellen @larzon83 #2444
  • Add “Previous 12 months” to statistics time period @changjus #2445
  • Add recent years option to statistics time period @nicksellen #2467



  • Remove calendar subscribe button from group wall @amengsk #2451

Minor release to fix a bug with the place navigation.

9.6.1 - 2021-12-29



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New release! Mostly small details, but particularly important for Foodsharing Warszawa who reached our “maximum activities displayed in frontend” limit of 800 (they were at a bit over 1000), so I increased it to 1200… but we should fix it properly.

Mostly visible difference is the little link icons are fixed (it was showing every link with a little envelope next to it, instead of various ones depending on the link type).

[9.7.0] - 2022-02-15


  • enabled Japanese, and Chinese (simplified), and a few library locales @nicksellen #2475
  • scroll to wall messages when clicking message in menu @nicksellen #2483




New release! The main thing is @-mentions are now supported :slight_smile:

… I already noticed a few issues with them (usernames are new, and the generation of the initial ones was not quite right… ), so fix coming soon, but mostly are working!

[9.8.0] - 2022-03-23



  • fix infinite redirect for some discussions @amengsk #2501
  • fix round translation percentages @Chinchuluun1029 @nicksellen #2514