What are activity types in Karrot?

What is this all about?

In the beginning karrot was specifically designed for co-ordinating pickups from stores. Typically a regular time to go and collect surplus food from a supermarket.

But we later realised that groups were using them for more than that, maybe regular meetings, hangouts, or to co-ordinate the cleaning of a public fridge.

So, we have expanded the concept! We asked you which types you would like, so now, in addition to pickups, you can now add meetings, distributions, and events.

The word to cover all those things is activity, so you’ll now see that word (or the translation of it) in the sidebar and other places.

Where can I can see activity types in the software?

The first time you’ll see these other types is when creating a new activity series or one-time activity, it’ll let you choose one of these types:


The next place is when looking at the main list of activities for the whole group, you can filter by the type, and notice each activity will show the icon for that type (you can hover over it to see the name too):

This list of activities inside a specific place will also show the type for each, but does not have the filters available.

You’ll also see it in the topbar in the activity chat:

The last place impacted is that when giving feedback, only the pickup type will let you add a weight, the other types will just accept the comment field.

Customizing activity types

You can also customize the types (even the included ones), and add new ones.

When you’re adding an activity, you can select “Manage types…”:


… which allows you to edit all aspects of the type:

What next?

We’re thinking to expand on this to create group templates that get you started with a particular kind of group (think: foodsaving group, community garden, free shop, bike kitchen, mutual aid group …). We welcome your thoughts and contributions!


Hi Nick, this is great.
do I talk to you directly by chat in our group?
this is exactly what we need here :wink:
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