Feedback feature - Possibility to combine comments for selected activity type

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This is my first post, so please understand.
I initially wanted to post it in the “Exchange of ideas” topic, but I noticed that that category is mostly focused on general food saving ideas, not app development. If this topic is posted in the wrong category, please move it to the correct one.

Below is a user story, which is only a loose idea and not a need. Whether any of the groups would like to have such an option should be expressed by that group. Of course, I will also fully understand if the topic will be rejected for whatever reason. I just like to start brainstorming, because sometimes something interesting can come out of it.

After I see that the way I posting is ok, I’ll post more ideas :slight_smile:

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User story:
As a group member, I’d like to be able to set up and then see a real preview of the entire pickup - the combined feedback of other group members (including weight) for one activity for a defined type of activity to plan future pickup more sensibly.

Possibility to display one combined feedback for one activity with 2 or more members (signed up in several slots) - currently these are separate feedbacks. When another group member wants to see if he or she “can do it” or “how many bags/containers should prepare”, separate comments distort the view for one, individual activity.


  • Make easier for group members to estimate how to prepare for pickup at the selected place

Possible acceptance criteria:

  1. Addition of new setting “Combine feedbacks” to “Activity types” in group settings.
    1. Possibility to set “Combine feedback” only to selected activity types.
    2. Additional notes under switch buttons for “Combine feedbacks” and "Ask for weight”
  2. If the above setting is set to “true”:
    1. All separate feedbacks with same “activity id” will be combined into one on the front
    2. (If present), filled weight from separate feedbacks with same activity id" will be summed up on the front
    3. Suggested UI change:
      1. Option 1 - moving the group member’s avatar above the comment and addition the name of group member (suggested)
      2. Option 2 - keeping the current UI
  3. If the above setting is set to “false” (as it’s now), feedbacks will work same as now - displaying separate feedbacks from different group members for one “activity id”.
    1. Possible UI change
      1. Based on the decision made in point 2. 3.

pt. 1 - settings:

current view:

pt. 2. 3. 1. - option 1 (suggested)

pt. 2. 3. 2. - option 2

Potential use:
(in other places that are not the subject of this user story):

  • Probably none

Additional info:
Worth to remember, that that this setting shouldn’t apply to statistics or other places where it can have a negative impact. The change should only affect on front of feedbacks


Hello there! Thank you very much for your thoughtful and well described contribution!

In my opinion this would be a great improvement on the UI for feedback. I think it would make sense in our group too. I’m just a little hesitant about adding it as a new setting, considering the complexity or confusion that it might add (thinking in terms of user experience). I would go for making this a new standard, basically just change the UI.

The thing about the weight is the tricky bit I think, because if I’m not mistaken the current behavior is that for the purpose of place statistics it sums the weigh that different people input for the same activity. I remember a lot of discussion about this in the past (see Statistics about the amount of saved food), and I personally still think it’s not satisfactory because it’s not clear and obvious on the UI how it works

After more thought, I think there’s not reason to add a setting of merging/separating feedbacks.
Initially, I was concerned about feedbacks in events, that they can be quite long in the situation, when a large number of people participate. I checked the comments in my group and it shouldn’t be a problem though.

Unfortunately, I also don’t know how it can be implemented in backend, I was only thinking about combining it in the feedbacks frontend.

Yes, I can imagine it without needing a setting, just make it show in the combined way for everyone.

It will need to handle long feedback comments nicely, as that’s how I use it in a local group here, but I think that’s do-able. Maybe just showing it really long is OK. Just enough to be able to distinguish who wrote what (and maybe when?).

I think it will benefit from doing a proper backend for it, and I started then imagining if it should be combined with a UI for viewing past activities (with or without feedback), as that’s sometime that comes up quite a lot with people.

I don’t know all the use cases for viewing past activities, but for me personally it has been:

  • to access information that was in the activity description
  • to access the chat (which I may not have participated in)

Yes, there’s a point there with the long comments. Maybe using the same “Show more” component that is used in place description and activity description is a good solution.

That is actually requested often. But I guess that after we have a suggested UI for this, it’s up to person implementing it to decide if they want to tackle this altogether or just the frontend changes as suggested by Hubert. Would you consider this specific enough for implementation, from a developer’s perspective, @nicksellen?