Karrot Community Cafe Notes

Date: 2021-07-28 17:00
(participants) → coffee/tea drinkers : Vasilis, Bruno, Nick, Mariha, mystery person (?),

grab a cuppa…

  • a loose structure to it (a suggestion, but we want to leave the discussion open)

    • Quick intro of the idea for a cafe and what is point
      • general feedback
      • new ideas for features
      • exchange of experiences between groups
    • checkin and quick introduction
      • present themselves and their respective groups
    • which tools do they use and how they organize
      • screenshare?
  • how long?

    • 1 hour and if people want to stay then longer
  • facilitator?

    • Vasilis and Nick
    • flexible facilitation just in case conversation dies out or looses track too much
  • local food co-op group

    • Karrot
    • checks/verifies quality of food produced
    • facebook used to announce when there is a pickup
      • pickups avoid a bunch of members of the co-op having to go to the farmer
      • so weekly (for example) some people will collect the food and bring it somewhere
    • quite a lot of no/low tech people
    • possible barriers to usage
      • they collect money, and need to keep track of it
      • they use facebook at the moment for
      • need good notifications on the phone
  • commoning