Karrot groups' café

Hello everyone!

Running a Karrot groups’ online cafe is an idea that has been discussed more than a few times. It might be a good way to break any ‘barriers’ among the various Karrot groups and create new connections, share practices and discuss ideas.

Let’s then give it a try and make it happen! Let’s share a coffee, a tea or a drink and meet each other, discuss about our groups, our activities, our needs and concerns, our future plans, our summer vacation and the ways we use and don’t use Karrot or other technologies to support our communities.

And who knows? We might make it at some point to run a real and in-person Karrot festival

I am making a suggestion to run the first café on Wednesday 2021-07-28T15:00:00Z. I hope that this might work for some of us (?)

What do you think?

We could use our usual meeting room on Jitsi: https://meet.jit.si/karrot


I’m in!

May be of interest to @dave_goodman_jr @Michal_Lewandowski @Katie_Berns @karolina @danveg @Joakim . Please share in your respective groups! :slight_smile:


Sounds great :slight_smile:

Note: we also have this activity in our “Karrot Team & Feedback” karrot group → Karrot now we’re actually using karrot to organise karrot itself (at least trying it out…).

Yes! Im in :slight_smile: and will make invitation in our groups :slight_smile:


I made this graphic for the cafe :)) maybe you like it…


Pretty cool! I like the colors

Oh, we need to have “place images” now, to add it! I put it in the place description → Karrot

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Cool, maybe additionally the link could be as a text for easier copy-pasting? I’ll see whether I will be able to join (I have a small child + I will be one day after my 2nd COVID vaccination).

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Morning all

A reminder that today we are running our fist Karrot groups cafe session around 2021-07-28T15:00:00Z

We 'll meet on Jitsi Meet.
Feel free to join and bring your tea/coffee…

Hello, unfortunately, I have missed this session due to the collision with another meeting. I hope that you have had fun and that there will be another chance to meet up! :slight_smile:


Yes! We scheduled the next one already for 2021-08-25T16:00:00Z

We’re also using karrot ourselves now, so there is an activity in this group for the session → Karrot


I also collected the meeting cafe notes here → Karrot Community Cafe Notes :slight_smile:

I think we don’t need to have it super accurately recorded, but keeping the links and some of the topics seems interesting to me!