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If you’re looking for a place to chat about bringing foodsharing/ saving to your region - you found it now! Where are you from? What do you need?


hi Nathalie!

this is Andrea, from Quito-Ecuador, where we want to bring foodsharing to!!

we have a group, that once was active for a while, but we havent used in a while, and somehow, Fausto cant access the groups or accept new nembers… also, we had 3 different groups, and we werent able to erase any.

how do we do, to get one active group and to have Me (Andrea) or Fausto as “Admin” or alike?

Thank you

Hi Andrea!

How nice you found your way to the forum, welcome! Also great to hear that you want to revive your foodsaving activities!

Can you point me to which groups you are referring to? You can see the groups on our map view where you can show inactive groups, too.

I found this group with one member: Karrot

We have this build-in system that after a while members are indicated as inactive (when they don’t log in) and at some point auto-removed. Same with the group, it gets indicated as inactive. When there is no one (active) in a group anymore, obviously there is no one to accept new applications :wink:

In the past, we haven’t re-opened groups but advised to start a new group one on the platform. That’s very easy and can be done anytime! Am I right here @nicksellen @tiltec ? Maybe there is a way to see who this one member remaining member is, maybe that’s Fausto?

Also we have a trust system that defines who is editor see [Info] Karrot trust system and user levels. The first one to start the group is also editor :slight_smile:

Hop this was helpful already.

Have a great day,

Hi Nathalie!

thanks for your answer. Yes, I see we have 4 groups in Ecuador, all 4 inactive, 2 of them with 1 member, and that should be Fausto, but as mentioned, he can not accept new members… I dont know if the best way should be to try to activate one of those 2 groups (foodsharing UIO or Voluntariado Conexion Utopia) and see if Fausto or Me can get the EDITOR status, or to erase all those groups, and create a new one, with me as EDITOR.

Thank you for your patience. I hope we can get it right this time :wink:

have a nice weekend

We’ve designed it so the groups are “composted” over time, like plants… so I’d recommend just creating a new group :slight_smile:

thanks again for your patience… I hope we can get it right this time:

how to create a new group in karrot?

On the group gallery page (Karrot) there is a little text link, where it says “Which group do you want to join? or Create new group

Or a direct link to it here :point_right: Karrot

Good luck, and feel welcome to ask any questions, or let us know how it’s going! :hugs: