How to get involved! Onboarding into the Karrot team

So! You want to get involved in :karrot: Karrot, or at least find out what that would mean. This is the right place to be :heart_eyes:

:question: Find out what it’s all about

If you don’t know much about what the project is yet, here are some ways you can learn more:

:balance_scale: What are the values of Karrot?

It’s important for people to be able to understand the values of a project before they get too involved. We want to be clear about this too, we are not a “neutral” project, and any project that claims to be is merely supporting the status quo anyway.

Our value definitions are still work-in-progress, hopefully you can find some here in future!

:spiral_calendar: Meetings

We have a weekly meeting. Also checkout the Karrot event calendar which has this information too.

Note: it’s best to join the chat to find out any last minute changes to meetings

Weekly meeting
To discuss any topics related to karrot, or anything else we feel like chatting about :slight_smile:

This is the best one to join if you want to get a bit more involved, best to give us a shout in the chat or our Karrot Team group first, so we can make sure we are there, and prepared!

Next meeting: 2021-11-09T11:00:00Z Details

:raising_hand_woman: Different ways to contribute

We are open to all types of contributions. Just because karrot is a software tool doesn’t mean it’s only software developers.

:framed_picture: Design

We use the word design in the wide sense, this isn’t just about making it look pretty, but thinking about what the people and communities need.

We like participatory design processes that seek to involve the people impacted by that. This is an active topic for us lately as we evolve our practises for this.

Inspirations for us include Design Justice, … add more here.

Contact: ?

:busts_in_silhouette: Community organising

Community organising is actually the real work here. Our software is a tool to support this work, but not to replace it.

We love to hear stories of how the things work in your community, and we discuss these topics a lot. Some of our team are also community organisers themselves, others are in admiration of them :slight_smile:

Contact: Bruno, Katie, Janina

:desktop_computer: Software development

Being a software-based project, this is obviously a core part. We have a modern tech stack using Vue and Quasar on the frontend and Django Rest Framework on the backend, with automated CI test/build/deploy pipelines, a docker-compose development environment that should work out the box :crossed_fingers:

Contact: Nick, Tilmann

:open_book: Academic

We have a growing connection with academia. To get a sense of what that involves you could read our workshop paper for NordiCHI 2020.

If terms like HCI, socio-informatics, … mean anything to you, then this might be the place for you!

Contact: Katie (Stockholm), Vasilieios (Newcastle), or Philip (Siegen)

:helicopter: Something else?

If you want to participate in some other way, we are also open to that. Best approach there would be to join our chat and/or a weekly meeting. Looking forward to meet you!

:handshake: Places

We use various platforms and tools to co-ordinate the project, here are the main ones.

place activity description
Karrot group for the team and feedback
We’ve recently moved to organizing and discussing most of non-technical issues at our own Karrot group. It’s also intended for people using Karrot to reach us more easily and as “dogfooding” to improve development
this forum! this is the home of community discussions, usually non-technical, and publishing useful changing information about the project, meeting minutes, meeting schedules, etc… :karrot::karrot: where we hang out to chat, co-ordinate meetings, discuss our work, also various notification feeds :karrot: Our mastodon/fediverse social media account Nick and Bruno sometimes post there
karrot-frontend and karrot-backend
the main code repos, we discuss topics in issues and pull requests over there, more focused on the technical parts
transifex :karrot::karrot: The platform we use for managing the translations for Karrot.
sentry :karrot::karrot::karrot: The platform we use for error management. Feel free to request access :slight_smile: :karrot: Open source crowdfunding platform, we get a little bit from here, but we didn’t promote it much… Stories from foodsaving groups around the world (not necessarily using karrot). Rarely updated now, but a nice resource! The home for the foodsaving worldwide movement - which is the part of yunity that karrot grew from. The concept is a resource for people looking to start foodsaving groups. Not updated very frequently now.