Are you a student who wants to contribute in Karrot?

Are you a student willing to contribute to our open-source community-led project?
Happy to have you here.

:karrot::karrot::karrot:Please read the following :karrot::karrot::karrot:

Being a small underfunded project we do not have the capacity and the resources at the moment to deal with students who are unsure if they want to contribute at the end, with students who claim an issue on github and then disappear, with students who only care about submitting their uni assignment. Well of course that is super important and we don’t look down on it but the health of Karrot and the efficient use of our very limited resources is also important.

By that we do not want to discourage any motivated students willing to contribute in Karrot but please reach out to us taking into account the abovementioned.

For code inquiries read our github post: and please contact Philip: philip.engelbutzeder (at)
For more HCI, CSCW inquiries contact Philip and Vasilis accordingly: v.ntouros2 (at)

Whatever is the case, write us a few things about yourselves and refer to what you would like to work on if you already got sth in mind and we will guide you. We can also share ideas of projects and research related to Karrot that might interest you.

We encourage you to mess with the playground group on Karrot here: Karrot to get a better undestanding of what the tool we are developing can offer and also apply to join our Karrot Team and Feedback group here: Karrot run by the project’s contributors. In your application to join please state that you are a student willing to contribute and let us know if you have already chatted with either Philip or Vasilis.

:karrot::karrot::karrot:Looking forward to working together and welcoming you to our team of contributors. :karrot::karrot::karrot: