Group setting to limit number of activities one can sign up to

User story: from Daniel Luxembourg:

In my group, we have introduced a rule to limit the number of slots you can sign up for to 1 per cooperation per week and to 3 in general per week. If the slot is still available 24 hours in advance, you can sign up for it no matter what.
It should be possible to configure such rules as group level settings.

see github issue and also a much older one about much wanted pickups

This seems to be a much requested feature coming from other groups as well

Complexity: not easy I guess, many considerations

Outcomes (or what needs to be done to move forward): perhaps a session to discuss its implications and actually start designing/implementing it

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Foodsharing have a thing like this

Request from Kranti, FS Leuven:

Is there a way/possibility to limit the number of times a person can do a pickup? Some of our shops are very popular, and there is a constant battle to sign up for those.:slight_smile: