Different colors for upcoming activities

User story: Request from a user in my group. “Could you make it so that if it’s on the week of the activity the color would be other than green? Or another color if it’s on the day?”
I asked if the reason for that is to make it clearer that it’s getting closer to the activity and the answer was “yes, I have dyslexia and it’s hard with all the text”

Complexity: doesn’t seem difficult

Outcomes (or what needs to be done to move forward): present a proposal on colors and when to mark the activity with different color

I also had an idea to actually take all the upcoming activities off from the wall and put them on the topbar, accessible through an icon (like calendar) and badge with number of activities, because I feel they take too much space and focus. I might open another topic for this…

Well, activities in the upcoming three days could still be more visibly displayed on the wall, then maybe it’s also a solution for what’s been requested

Yes, that’s why my thought went to as well.

You wrote a bit more about that here Navigating upcoming activities

I find discord often has some nice UI to look at, and they have this “threads” view from the topbar, so I could imagine that for activities:

(btw do you want an invite to my discord “server”, and can play around there for inspiration?)

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Ah, good you found the other topic. Sometimes I forget about what I write. :smiling_face:

Looks nice indeed! I imagined something like that.

I got one myself. I’ll request to join yours when it’s time to play :slight_smile: