Collecting and voting on feature requests, Summer 2019

Hey everybody! Three months have passed since our last roadmap planning session, so it’s time for another one!

Review - what happened in the last 3 months?

  • released the conflict resolution feature
  • added store wall and subscriptions
  • added tab navigation for store view (soon to be released)
  • added pickups with duration
  • added group welcome email
  • extended emoji reaction picker (soon to be released)
  • improved extraction of replies via email
  • added slots filter to pickup list
  • allow all group members to participate in pickup chats
  • close conversations after they ended

Which features should we prioritize for the next 3 months?

Like last time, I compiled a list of feature requests that have been recently discussed. If you have another request, please to comment on this post!

  • pickups with lower and upper slot limit (proposal)
  • add statistics about users joining/leaving pickups, highlight when they are dropping out late (proposal)
  • add notifications when somebody drops out late from a pickup
  • group pickup statistics (“total kg food saved”, “pickups done”)
  • user pickup statistics (“total kg food saved”, “pickups done”)
  • add public places (for example public fridges)
  • support for sharing food between people (“food baskets”)
  • order wall messages by latest reply (proposal)
  • allow to mute “foodsaving worldwide community” notifications (proposal)
  • make it harder to get editing permissions (proposal)
  • add filters to history lists (proposal)
  • add historic pickups to pickup list (proposal)
  • automatically mark wall as read when visiting it

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Could you shed more light on below feature requests?

  • add public places (for example public fridges)
  • support for sharing food between people (“food baskets”)

Did you forget the @-mentions or is it considered low priority? Or even the Invite a friend to a pickup (feature suggestion) - #6 by bruno?

(Sorry for not responding, I overused my hands last week and my wrists are still hurting. I’ll wait a few more days to let them heal!)

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Hey there, I’ll try to answer in place of @tiltec whose hands are still not really usable… :pensive:


  • Public places would be “stores” that people who are not part of the Karrot group can see. The corresponding issue on Github has more info (but is also quite long, maybe you don’t need to start reading in the beginning…^^)
  • Food baskets would be a completely new concept in Karrot, where people can publish some kind of public message that contains an offer like ‘I have 15 apples to give away’ and then other people can request to pick the food up. There also is an old issue about that.


  • @mentions were rather forgotten than deliberately left out.
  • Same goes for the invite a friend to a pickup feature suggestion… :sweat_smile:
  • Shall we add them in? We’re quite delayed now anyways… :innocent: EDIT: Sorry, polls cannot be edited after the first 5 minutes have passed… :confused:

Well, a convenient way to access pickup history would be really useful. Though its ok as it is today.

Do you mean pickup history per store?

Yea, i think so. And also a way to see the date of a pickup someone has signed up to or droppd of from.

That would be a per-pickup history, right?


Adding date and time of relevant pickup to the posts in existing History and History per person
When you look at the history for one person, you see sign-up, stepped-back and did-a-pickup posts. For did-a-pickup you can see exactly which pickup is meant. For signed-up and stepped-back you only see that the person signed up/stepped-back from any pickup in that store. And it is relevant to see which pickup is meant to be able to see if a person stepped back late or hopped in for someone else last minute for example.

A solution would be to add the date(and time) of the relevant pickup as well as the date and time of stepping-back/signing up in the green info square that comes up when you click on the posts in the history.

Pickup history per store would also be useful
Both Add filters to history lists and Add historic pickups to pickup lists would solve this as i understand the points.

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This is is almost the same as the feature I requested some time ago here: link but it doesn’t seem to be in the above questionnaire. Or this is part of this feature which I described in the other post: link? @tiltec

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Oh yes, it seems I missed them!
I can’t change the poll anymore, but I will keep your suggestions in mind for this roadmap (and add them to the next poll if I didn’t manage to tackle them yet).

By the way, the pickup join/leave history entries already contain the pickup date!
Look at the bottom of the screenshot:

The style & text could be improved, but the data is there.

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Great! For me it´s like a page of variable info down, but its there!

An update! @djahnie and me planned our roadmap.

We read through lots of comments in this forum, responded to some emails and considered other input. There has been lots of feedback lately and we are quite aware that there’s always much more to do than we find time for.

Anyhow, we picked our favourite issues for the next 3 months:

The next voting round will be end of August for the autumn roadmap. I’ll do it slightly differently than this time: first collect feature requests for some days and then open the voting.