A disable and/or a mark all as read on "Updates from the foodsaving worldwide community"

I’m looking for an option to disable the notification of “Updates from the foodsaving worldwide community” feature in the karrot interface toolbar.

An alternative would be to have an option to “mark all as read” to that dropdown. In that case the same function should be added to the message and notifications drop downs as well.

I’m dealing with mental fatigue due to neurological issues, but I think my reasoning is applicable to more than just me. I sometimes have great problems filtering information and what’s actually important for me to see is getting lost in the masses of information in my daily life. There a few different things that could be done to the karrot interface that would help me, but I’ll try to stick to one topic at a time.

For me, every time I go into the karrot interface I have a red “9+” badge on the “Updates from the foodsaving worldwide community” icon. That signals to me that I have to take some action here, but the information in these updates is generally of little use to me. To “mute” that signal, I need to actually open up each update.

A setting that hid the “Updates from the foodsaving worldwide community” icon or a setting that hid the “9+” badge on it would help me. The alternative is a “Mark all as read” on the drop downs as we have on the walls, that would be one click to “mute” the badge instead of 16+ clicks times two - because each one also opens a new tab. This I also think would help more than just me.

I fear I might miss important information about my upcoming pickups or discussions on the store wall because I can’t filter out unimportant stuff, like typicals can.

Now that I “muted” my “Updates …” I found the Collecting (and voting) on feature requests for Karrot, Spring 2019 and Improving notifications and UX (draft)

Maybe there is something there on this topic, but I’m out of spoons now, I’ll try to read those some other day.

Hi @kajsa, the current version of “Updates from the foodsaving worldwide community” is broken. I already repaired it, but it will take a few days until it arrives on karrot.world.

Thanks for suggesting a “Mark all as read” button or a “mute” option on the dropdowns, seems useful to me.
I won’t implement it in the next weeks, as I have too many other things on my mind, but maybe somebody else is interested in making a contribution.

I opened an issue about it here: Allow users to mute community feed notifications · Issue #1366 · yunity/karrot-frontend · GitHub