Wall messages ordered by latest reply

This one was a suggestion of @tomasz… Messages on the wall should be ordered by the lastest activity, meaning that whenever a message gets a new reply, the thread would be moved up. Other users including me thought this would make more sense. Any opinion from other foodsaving groups?

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I agree. This is how all the forums work and this is probably the most intuitive for end users.

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I’m form the same group (Warsaw), but I didn’t even know that Tomek suggested it. It makes sense to me to do it this way.

Yep, sounds not bad! It’s just not easy to implement since the wall is not a forum but a chat with threaded replies and thus the order is working only based on the actual wall messages and not replies. Could be changed - of course - but would be a major feature and will thus take a while…

It this is a major feature, I’d recommend not to do it since it’s not of the highest importance, in my opinion. This is a nice to have feature and I think we can live without it :slight_smile: There are other features which are more important.

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This is also related to something that came up in the recent usability tests (not able to follow old threads).

I added an issue to investigate feasibility of this feature: Show threads with newest replies first in wall · Issue #1334 · yunity/karrot-frontend · GitHub

I assume that it’s not very hard from a data logic point-of-view, but needs a different user interface (chat vs wall vs forum). Our current UI is a mix of Slack and facebook, the new UI could be derived from discourse?