Which activity types should we enable for new and existing groups?

Currently karrot only supports “Pickup” types, but we realised we need more types, and groups are already using pickups for different purposes (e.g. Meetings).

Work is in progress to create a fully customizable system where you can define your own types and icons, etc, but the first step of the process involves add some predefined types that will be configured for existing groups as well as new groups.

You can see a screenshot and other discussion of the feature here → Custom activity and place types - #5 by nicksellen

This is a poll to help us decide which types might be most useful for your group. The aim is to a few of the highest rated tasks here. It probably helps to pick more general types at this point, so they’re more usable for a wider range of activities and groups, but up to you :slight_smile:

You have until 2020-10-24T20:00:00Z to vote and you can choose up to 4 options.

(note: the base word we use to refer to all these things is “activity”)

  • Pickup
  • Meeting
  • Task
  • Event
  • Distribution
  • Sharing
  • Dropoff
  • Shift

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