Welcome to Karrot Days!

Hi everyone out there! By everyone we mean people using Karrot, people curious about it, developers and designers, academics, activists, etc.

We are organizing ‘Karrot days’ a 2-3 days long event focused on Karrot, as a tool that can support communities of sharers, which will take place at some point during the following 2-3 months (exact dates to be announced).

There will be different kind of sessions that will require (or not at all!) some technical knowledge. This way we wish to give options to anyone interested regardless of their skills. Some sessions will be more about dreaming about the future of sharing practices, the future of Karrot and the groups using it, and conceptualizing on how to achieve our goals and make those dreams and visions come true. Others will be more about doing, implying hands-on sessions where through designing, writing or programming our dreams and concepts are activated.
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What’s happening these days?

Here’s a preliminary list of activities/sessions we would like to run and we are very open to your comments and suggestions for other sessions/workshops as well. Please let us know by voting on the pool below which ones you find interesting and could possibly attend/participate in.

  • Meet the team and find out how to get involved
  • Workshop on sociocracy
  • Community cafés
  • Workshop/Design session on how groups can better interact with the public outside Karrot (i.e. non-members)
  • Lightning talks - a quick presentation of the groups using Karrot, followed by disussion
  • Workshop: how can we make Karrot useful/available to more communities beyond foodsharing (e.g. makerspace, community garden, free shops)
  • Design session on improving conflict resolution
  • Presentation on the upcoming agreements feature
  • We got funding! Now, how to distribute the money, fairly and in solidarity, within Karrot?
  • Presentation of our NLnet funding and the contents of the Memorandum of Understanding

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Want to facilitate a session?

We also invite you to be inspired and facilitate a session yourself. Just throw whatever idea you have at us and we’ll work together on it, giving support to arrange the session if needed. If you did not get creative already, we’ve got a few suggestions on what those sessions could be:

  • A presentation of your group, its history, how it works, community dynamics, how you use Karrot and other online tools.
    • or focused specifically on one of the aspects above
  • future sustainable economies of gift and cooperation and what role digital tools may play
  • brainstorming and sketching your ideas for features
  • co-working on a specific task or issue that you have in mind

As you noticed, the size and scope of the Karrot Days will depend a lot on the interest and participation of people. It can be as unpretentious as a few co-working sessions with some chill ambient background music, to a more ambitious weekend filled with sessions every day (although not much more than that, since we don’t have the capacity to facilitate something bigger).

We kindly ask you to get back to us on what would be interesting for you, what makes you tick, and also for the community of active users to check what could be interesting for the people in their group, and to share the event itself.

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Sounds very interesting (and fun :upside_down_face:)!

I wanted to ask if I can join?

A disclosure: I have a weakness for, and a tendency to overwhelm @nicksellen (the list is not meant to be exhaustive) so I’ll be happy to work out a way to avoid that.

Hey everyone! Thanks for following this thread and participating in the poll. We’re sorry, that there was so little information about karrot days.

But here’s good news.
We resume our planning efforts and it will be great! Save the date: July 16th & 17th.

You’ll find any upcoming information in the forum.
Hope we’ll meet you there :slight_smile: