Video tutorial: Participant types and Approved role

Participant types and Approved role

Video tutorial

Main features

  • UI for specifying an activity that has a role requirement, and optionally a number of open participants
  • new role ‘approved’ available
  • trust for approved in user profile (only editors can give trust, one trust needed)


Give trust for approved

add participant type to activity

activity with different participant types

More Information


We have the problem in our group that the “use participant roles” is not visible?

Hi Saskia!

It has not been enabled by default in every group, but it can definitely be enabled in your group if you wish! Which one is that?

Hi Bruno!
Ok I didn’t know. I’m part of Foodsaving Leuven

Thank you!

Would you like to enable it in Foodsaving Leuven? @nicksellen or @tiltec can do it

Hey there!

Our group would really love to try this new feature. Our creative minds have already been switched on!

I am from a group in Arnhem, Netherlands. Can I bother @nicksellen or @tiltec with this?


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Hey Alkis, thanks for the enthusiasm for the new features! I’ve just enabled for Arnhem foodsharing (Karrot):

  • participant types
  • agreements
  • approved role

Hope it’s helpful for you, and please share any feedback on how you find it, we’re always happy to hear!

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Hey @Saskia! I enabled just the participant types feature for foodsharing leuven (Karrot), let me know if you’d also like agreements and/or approved role enabled. Thanks!

Hi! Thank you!
Yes, the other new features would also be great. We are currently discussing how we can use them :slight_smile:


Ok, I enabled those for you now @Saskia :

  1. agreements feature
  2. approved role

Would be interested to hear any feedback you have about them :slight_smile: