Tutorials for new Karrot features

Here’s a list of new features and how they can be used by members of Karrot groups. Click on each link for video tutorials and screenshots.

November 2022

Karrot’s design is informed by various synchronous and/or asynchronous interactions (forums post, meetings, workshops, gatherings etc) with members of Karrot groups who are active in different places and contexts around the globe. Refinements and new features are implemented with the support of various contributors.

We will keep updating the list when and if changes are implemented in existing features and when new features are deployed.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about the tutorials and the features themselves please share them. Please also do report bugs! :bug: Here as replies or on ‘Karrot team and Feedback group’ : Karrot. You can also write us an email: info@karrot.world :envelope_with_arrow: