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My name is Ashley, and I’m currently a college student looking to get more experience in web development. A friend and I have been really interested in getting involved with Karrot and contributing. We have been unable to join the calls since we live in EST time. Is there anything we can do to get started?

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Hi Ashley! Welcome :slight_smile:
That’s exciting, how did you learn about Karrot? As you see on the map most (or actually all active) groups are currently based in Europe and so are the contributors. But we’re certainly open to find a time that works for both time zones, maybe for an initial call to meet and chat? What worked in the past was a time around 5/6/7 pm UTC.
And maybe @nicksellen knows a good way to get started?
We’re also currently thinking about our organizational structure and how to welcome new people, so we might have a bit of a conversation (with you) what “getting involved and contributing” actually means :slight_smile: You’re also welcome to join our Karrot group: Karrot

Our main code repo is here GitHub - karrot-dev/karrot-frontend: Karrot is a free and open-source tool for grassroots initiatives and groups of people that want to coordinate face-to-face activities on a local, autonomous and voluntary basis. which has instructions for how to set up the development environment.

It’s hard for me to provide a lot of support to beginners in programming, so you’ll need to be clear what you want to achieve, and if you are not so experienced, have other sources of support available.

Hi Nathalie!
I learned about Karrot through one of my college courses that discusses contributing to open sources for social good. I noticed Karrot and thought it would be a great opportunity to get involved. 5/6/7 pm UTC would work great for me this Friday (3/24), Tuesday (3/28), or weekend.
@nicksellen thank you for the information! I will get started on setting up the development environment. I have experience in Vue and Django, so I’d love to work on any bugs or improvements you have mind mind there.

Ok cool! The best process would probably be to make it a topic at our weekly Tuesday meeting (next week) and then we’ll get back to you.

Thank you so much! Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Hi Ashely!

We talked about your request in our weekly meeting, you can see the minutes here on the forum. Unfortunately we can’t provide any help or mentoring with coding questions. We are a small team with limited capacities. In the past it turned out that student work was not very sustainable for the Karrot team, especially in the context of one assignment or semester course. You might have a better experience with a larger open-source project that also has better funding, so they have more space to guide new contributors.
You can still decide to take on self-directed work on the Karrot project. Nick shared the link to our repository already and some first steps.
I am not a developer myself, so I won’t be any help in web development. I’m still open for a call, if you want to get know the features of Karrot better. In that case you can best write me a direct message here on the forum.

I wish you all the best for your learning journey!

Hi Nathalie,

Thanks for letting me know! I completely understand where you are coming from. I’ll probably look at some of the issues on the GitHub and see if there’s anything I can do to help.