New feature available! Offers

Thanks! We already have first offers :).

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Hmm… looks like we received an email, bu the offer is not visible. First I thought that’s a problem with my phone, but on my laptop it’s the same.

I believe I had the same problem once. The offers page showed up empty for me, but then I refreshed or changed pages (can’t remember) and then I could see all the offers. I tried to reproduce this but couldn’t. I’m pretty sure there’s some kind of bug there.

I noticed that when having email notifications about offers disabled, there aren’t any indications whether a new offer has been created.

I had a look in the database, the offer was created at 2019-12-27 18:00:58.962676+00:00 then marked as accepted at 2019-12-27 18:02:04.832284+00:00 (just two minutes later).

I think it should show a message to say it’s no longer available, or something similar. At the moment it’s completely invisible from other users as if it never existed. We could just have a generic message saying something like: “Sorry, it looks like that offer is no longer available”, which would also be displayed if you put a random id in the url.

Whaddya think?

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Hi all,
is it possible to reorder cells in list? I can drag and drop cells but not make reposition.

Yes, I think that the button should be called differently. Our Jakub thought that “accept” reffers to him and accepted the offer. It reffers to that someone else wants this thing, it’s not more available. It is a bit confusing to use “accept” here. Maybe “already taken” or “archive” or “not available”. It would be cool if it would also be visible later on - as suggested by nicksellen.

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Limit of the Offers is 20? why?

How can I show 1st of 21 offers?

There’s almost no difference between “mark as accepted” and “mark as archived” as it is implemented right now, so maybe we could just remove “mark as accepted” to reduce confusion? @bruno

It makes sense with just one option to mark it as archived, simpler and less confusing. What do you think @karolina?

Makes sense! One option would be earlier and less confusing.

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yes, indeed! sorry I didn’t not implement pagination initially, just to get it out there as soon as possible, we have it listed as an item to do on Follow-up to "offers" · Issue #1908 · yunity/karrot-frontend · GitHub.

by the way, how are the offers working out for you? you’re just trying them out? or people are finding them useful?

good idea! I added it as a point on the offers follow up issue → Follow-up to "offers" · Issue #1908 · yunity/karrot-frontend · GitHub

thank You :slight_smile:

I just start using this feature as a small reward for collecting. I want to offer several things for re-use within community. Everything is free for picking. But the process of building community is a little bit slow…

btw… the function is pretty, simple and sufficient

Both remove accepting offers (can just archive them now) and pagination are implemented and available on - not yet deployed to production though. Perhaps @tiltec is deploying soon :slight_smile:

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I think this is very tricky, but also the key part! It’s an uphill battle against the individualized model of society…

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I enabled offers for all the groups on now :slight_smile:

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All the DLC groups (France) use public distributions, where they advertise a place and a time (currently on Fb) for all sorts of people (not just registered foodsavers) to come and share the food from a pickup.
This offer feature could provide a way to do this. Adding a time stamp and a location would be pretty important for this.
For the offer to be public, another karrot group could be created with open access (no application process). It was possible to choose at some point, not sure where this is at now.

Also, why is it compulsory to upload a picture? It seems unpractical for people without smartphones.

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It’s not directly possible (only via database right now), so for testing purposes Nick or me could do it manually for one group.

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Needless to say I think, I like the idea. :grin:

And I think it’s closely linked to the issue of public locations for food distribution. Also here: Food-Share Points

Perhaps some scaled down version of a group, with no application needed, as suggested above, with only a wall for discussion and the offers feature. I’d like to discuss more the concept and how to implement it.