Food-Share Points

Hey there!
Another widely requested feature for Karrot is to have an option to map not only the stores (where you pick up food), but also the Food-Share Points (FSPs), distribution places and drop-off places (where you drop off food).

We know that there are many different ways for people to distribute food, and this heavily influences how a feature on Karrot should look like. The use cases we know of are the following:

  • public fridges/shelves which are basically always accessible
  • public fridges/shelves with fixed opening hours
  • distribution events
  • pre-arranged drop-offs at charities
  • drop-off locations with fixed opening hours and food preferences

Right now many Karrot groups use the store feature to also map their FSPs and drop-off points. They simply prefix the name of the store with something that makes clear that this is not a place to pick up food. The pickup feature can then be reassigned to organize cleaning, stocking or staffing of an FSP or distribution point.

This is how we think it works. But we’d like to get your direct input in how you want a new feature to look like!

The specific questions @tiltec raised in the corresponding issue on Github (that’s where the devs normally discuss) are the following:

The post he mentioned in there is what you’re reading right now, so please share your thoughts! :wink:


It works here as you described Janina, by making up the share points as stores. It’s even useful for us to have the pickup feature, as we use it to schedule things like meetings and hangouts, for example. Conversation would probably be useful too as well as making the both the wall and the sharing point public (ideally I believe it would be better if you could choose to enable that or not).

I’m guessing that if there’s a feature like that we would probably like to embed the map on our website instead of using the map that we have now for our sharing points, if that would be possible.

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