@-mentions on Karrot

How many times have you thought about tagging someone on any Karrot conversation, like this @nicksellen @danveg @karolina @dave_goodman_jr @Michal_Lewandowski @Katie_Berns ?

  • Multiple times
  • At least once
  • Never thought about it
  • What are you talking about?

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Comment if you think it would be useful and in which situation.


Thanks for creating this thread! I think it would be useful to tag people that are responsible for something for instance, both in wall posts and in place descriptions. Others can then directly contact the correct person, especially if there are more people with the same or similar name.


what would the tagging ensure ? It seems to a feature to make a person aware of a text

  • how would you want to do it ?


How it would be implemented? The basic assumption is that it’d work like most of the other communication platforms with this feature, that is, when a person is mentioned they receive a notification or get some kind of highlight in the notification.

Good Idea! this will inform peoples outside conversation that it may be ralated to them!

I think that additionally to @ for tagging a person, using hashtags as well might be a nice way for organising/filtering some information that might be posted on the wall. And I think that with hashtags karrot group members can create their own categories and systems/libraries of information.

Sorry for putting this here but I thought it is somehow connected with the @ feature.


I thought a bit more about this, and wrote some thoughts over on the GitHub issue → Add @mentions · Issue #2407 · yunity/karrot-frontend · GitHub