Last person on the group not having editing rights

User story: From Nathalie

Remaining member lost editing rights!

In the Radeln ohne Alter group we have the following issue:
We’ve only been a small group, with Antonin and myself as the last members. We’re in the process of dissolving and I handed over to Antonin. At some point I lost editing rights in the group and also was marked inactive. I’m back active now but Antonin was removed due to inactivity. Now Antonin wants to rejoin the group. I’m the only member left, but can’t accept the application as I don’t have the rights and there is no one else to give me trust. That’s bad I’d say
→ last member of the group should gain editor rights

At some point I’d be interested to look more into the inactivity feature. It would be great if this could be disabled and if groups could set their own time frames


Outcomes (or what needs to be done to move forward): seems like we have a good suggestion on how to solve this, last person in the group should always get editing rights. Next step probably is just deciding on that before implementation