Invitation new user via e-mail not translatable

Hi, when I invite my friend to join my group, the invitation arrive in default English language.
Is it possible make it translatable to all available languages? Depend on language which set the admin
A second question: The invitation has a big logo of karrot at the header of page and small logo in footer. Is it possible use the logo of group at the top instead of karrot? Any other enhancements will be welcome.

The text of the invitation email should be translatable already. But apparently it only sends in English, which should be fixed! I opened an issue here: Invitation emails are always in English · Issue #1769 · yunity/karrot-frontend · GitHub

Sure! I opened an issue about it: Use group logo instead of Karrot logo in emails · Issue #1770 · yunity/karrot-frontend · GitHub

Just to be transparent, we don’t have much development capacity in the Karrot team at the moment, so it might take some months before we can implement those changes. If you happen to know web developers, it would help us a lot if you tell them about Karrot!

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Yes, I understand and respect that. I’m not a web developer with coding skills, but I’m happy to help with testing and feedback. I am a translator and volunteer contributor of about 90 FOSS, i can send you my references if you interested. I greatly appreciate your work on Karrot.


Announcing a new pickup to e-mail is also currently not translatable. It is very important what pickuper can see in the first few letters of the announcement, because the phone e-mail client or messaging app shows a part of the message, the rest of the text only after opening the message

Thanks for the report! I took some hours to check this and indeed there is a general problem with backend translations - none of them worked because the translation files didn’t get “compiled” on the server. A command that should do this failed silently.

I fixed two problems and pushed the change, so expect translated emails from now on!

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This bit is now fixed @spotter :slight_smile: e.g.


You’ll still the karrot logo at the top of some emails (relating to account stuff, that is not group specific).

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