Ideas from Leuven, Belgium

There will be a food waste hackathon in February and we could try to participate in it with Karrot. Bianca proposed to extend the feedback system with photo upload and image recognition:

we will have a hackathon in food waste in february organised by ‘food win’ with quite some resources available to develop an idea. I can’t promise anything but maybe it could be possible to pitch an idea that could bring this platform further… like the possibility to load up fotos of what has been gathered at a shop and have an automatic image recognition create a list of the goods…

The photo upload part came up before, so that might be a good starter task for people at the hackathon!

but what about updating members of the group about the food gathered? We have a few ‘distribution hubs’ where we put what we got from the shops if we can’t share it directly in our houses. it would be great if the pickups cold include such places and that people could load up a picture of what there is. is it planned to have a section for these points in the pickups, where you then don’t have shifts but they are open for all group members?

As mentioned above, we have the “feedback” system in Karrot that lets food collectors enter the amount they picked up (just the photo upload is missing).

But you might want something else. Bruno mentioned plans for the sharing feature already that would allow groups members to offer food to each other.