Contributor update from Vasileios Ntouros

Participation level

Life Rhythm

Due to the nature of my life so far I m changing place a lot, I m trying to set up a garden, do a Phd and get my bearing around life. I am organizing things in a way that I can always have some time for Karrot and the people involved in it.

Focus Level

3 - I can likely make some contributions

How would you like to contribute?

Focus Areas

Cause I m pretty bad in coding I would prefer to participate in all other activities that inform how the code is to be written. Like meetings, workshops, academic stuff etc. Activities where ideas, concerns etc are shared among Karrot people and which shape Karrot’s cultural basis that ultimately affects how the tool is designed.

Balance of dreaming vs conceptualizing vs doing

not good.

Looking For Stuff To Do Or Getting Stuff Done

Which bigger visions of Karrot are most motivating to you at the moment?

Becoming a commons as a tool. Karrot becoming a place for more intitiatives except for foodsaving/sharing

Help offered and needed

What might you be able to offer others to help them?

ideas (?), literature (?), company (?), understanding (?)

What might you like from others to help you achieve what you want?

ideas (?), literature (?), company (?), understanding (?)

Do you want to participate in the Karrot money circle?