Call between AIGU (Italy) and Karrot

Exploration around Karrot and food saving in Italy

Date: November 21st 2022, 19:00 CET
Where: Karrot
Facilitator: Nathalie
Minutes: Vasilis
Participants: Giacomo, Nathalie, Vasilis, Fransensca, Jessica

1. Opening

  • 5 min Check in
  • 5 min ADMIN
    • Attendance (write down participants)
    • Duration: 1h00 total maximum
    • Minutes from last time: none
    • Information: anything important to share before we start with the agenda?
    • Next meeting: 13th of December 7 CET

2. Consent to agenda

  • 2 min

3. Discussion points

  • introduce each other and our projects

    • Vas: doing phd in Human Computer Interaction, technology and sociology, technology is never neutral, community collaboratoive projects: how do they design software? involved in Karrot more than 2 years, into gardening, garden in greece, moving a lot at the moment, likes skateboarding
    • Jessica: from Italy, working in Germany, interesting in Coperate social responsibility, languages studied, interested in env issues and climate change, arts and culture, reading and dancing, love travelling.
    • Giacomo: ragby (mustache), enviromntalst, link between jessica → association aims at sensitize around unesco principles, started gaia environmental group, food related problems, we created a manifesto, env issues always in my mind, save the world…go to bed withough improving sth, every day the same idea
    • Nathalie: germany, polish speaker, 4y involved, dif things, festival organizer 600ppl, left the group, covid hit, working groups involvement, how t build a sustainable organisation, local foodsharing activities, I know the DE foodsharing world quite good, then decided not to do so much foodsharing, focus changed, joined karrot team sth like 6months ago, rather new but a lot of backround, I feel I ve been involved for longer. when not doing karrot, sociocracy (governance system): facilitating group, certified, org promotes sociocracy, ac perspective biochemical engineer. took a turn and into foodsharing and sociocracy
    • Merlin: also born in germany, us, spain, germany, now italy, studies phycology, medical school, biotech industry, work from home, small town in the dolomites, env interested since a child, glacier melt away, first hand experience how ‘nature’ changes (forests, glaciers etc), fast changes short amount of time. free time would like to do my part to make this world a little bit better
    • Karrot:
    • Youth italina associattion for Unesco/ Gaia: wihtin that we started a working group on env issues, started with food, expanding now, we wrote a manifesto (3 y ago), chapter 7-8 actions to impement in italy, met karrot, question can we learn from more systems and foodsharing? capitalize on other experiences, how this can improve our action and create an eu community? foodsharing community is not expanded…at least try to connect with other realities that work on this topics. our working group is 2 years old. we are spread in dif places so not easy to organise sth, but we can spread more easy the word.
    • questions: working group? ppl ? volunteer work? scope?
    • volunteers, chat group 20 but 10 more active. maybe less. aim in the future is to enlarge: involve one member per region. in every region there is a committe but we are llacking ppl in env action, awareness, but in the long term change the food system
    • association is totaly volunteer, out of interest, we have the national and regional side of associatons, we are divided in regional committees, relatively indipendent. this wokring group is national.
    • started in food citizenship, food sovereignty, food ‘democracy’, a critical meaning, the ministry of the env changed its name in the ministiry of food sovereignty and energy security, autocracy system and linked to early 90s in italy, fascism, musolini shit, right meaning of food sovereignity is crucial. if we can create momentum ‘what it means/how can be translated’ real system change.
    • advocacy and awareness is one first step
    • Karrot: history perspective, foodsharing and karrot quite related, foodsharing quite germmancentric, rewriting foodsharing, language, code, centralisation, very easily translatable, initial foodsaving in karrot, organise activities, pickcups, talk to supermarkets, setup cooperations, other activists, karrot provides coordinate group, with time and knowledge, different way how its programmed, organisational character, process to get onboard, groups kind of have the same framework, every karrot group is different, karrot as a group for general organising, target group: commons, sustainable. non-hierarchical way, we as a karrot team try to support this as much as possible, 4 ppl very involved, some money, volunteers do more spontaneouys things, no associationg beind Karrot, very self-organised, equity way of doing things
    • groups in Italy on Karrot? only non-active ones
    • Karrot is quite unique we would say
  • Another round on next steps:

    • Nathalie: totally up for anothe meeting, set up a group on karrot, play around and move our communication there
    • Merlin: def make sense to have other meetings, as gain work to do, how could they fit to what karrot is doing, expertise on food on the academic side
    • Giacomo: a follow up, internally we can use the notes with other members, an idea to check with other, whatsupp, working tool, why moving gaia disscusion karrot, working tool for us (?), learning by doing could be a good option, see potential linkages
    • Vas: play around and try out Karrot, unsure if Karrot would replace Whatsapp, food democracy (sovereingity) (gaia) and tech democracy (sovereingity) (Karrot)
    • Jessica: worth having a look at the plattform
  • Proposal: meet again at Tuesday 13.12.2022 19:00

    • ok!
  • post notes in community forum:

    • ok

maybe next time:

  • another time? find out possible ways to support each other, what are our needs?

4. Actions/Outcomes

5. Closing Ceremony

  • 5 min
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