Call with Karrot and recup (Italy)

Exploration with Karrot and recup (Italy)

Date: 20.12.2022, 19:00 CET
Where: Karrot
Facilitator: Nathalie
Minutes: Vas
Participants: Neva, Nathalie, Frederico, Vas

1. Opening

  • 5 min Check in
  • 5 min ADMIN
    • Attendance (write down participants)
    • Duration: 1h to 1h30
    • Minutes from last time
    • Information: anything important to share before we start with the agenda?
      • this is the conversation we had with AIGU. link to forum. there is no next Karrot call planned. They seemed to know recup - it’s up to you now :slight_smile:
    • Next meeting
      • let’s dicuss at the end of the meeting

2. Consent to agenda

  • 2 min

3. Discussion points

  • one round of introduction: who are you, where are you, why are you here :slight_smile:

    • introduction about us:
      • Neva: living in frankfurt, foodsaver in frankfurt, erasmus in rome, saving veg and things here, started going to our first market picking up veggies, talked them about foodsharing and federico contacted u
      • Nathalie: germany, leipzig closeby, since some years now, more involved in the national level, working groups, 1,5y ago reduced my level of activity in, then joined Karrot since the last year, Karrot-team, ppl taking care of the tool, learning about socicracy, aiming to be a sociocracy trainer
      • Federico: Rome, currently working as a nurse, studying in foodscience, I ve been involved in recup 2 years ago, when started the project in rome, couchsurfing, fermented food, intersted in food and global health. one of the reasons I get involved in such projects
      • Vasilis: UK, studying, connected with Karrot 2 1/2 years ago through conference, phd on human computer interaction, how does design afffect how we interact (like architecture), Karrot as one of case studies, now full member of Karrot team, got into food saving through Karrot
  • introduction of recup

    • see
    • non-prof org, born in milan 6 y ago, project against foodwaste and socialexclusiomn, recovering food from local market when they shops are closing down, we go there and do pickups: food that they couldnt sell, ‘right to food’, we created a network of org profit and non-profit after we pick it up. atm we are in milan, we are 8 local markets in milan wholesale market, 8 local markets in rome, we recover 8tons per week, we involve maybe 80 volunteers for a week from rome and milan, we like to extend our activity including a digital platfrom during the other days, we used to pickup food only once per week, extend for the entire week using a digital platform, to extent the acitivity for supermarkets, bakerys, cafes etc. Most of the saved food goes to associations, a collaboration, extend our message throught the hospitality world.
    • How do u communicate with 80 volunteers? We communicate though social media: instagram, fb, likedin, organise events soocial dinners, paprticiapte in various events to promote our activities, workshops, different wathsapp group as well.
    • Do u know of similar activities in other cities: in rome, in milan, in turin too but we are the unique org that is active in two cities
  • introduction of Karrot, screenshare of how Karrot works

    • german language movement is 10 years old, launch of a platform, coooridnate pickups, communicate, quite big now, a sense of organisations, centralized, overarching rules, when u join the platfrom u can join one city u can join other plces, was german only, early days, translatable platform, when we start a new translatable we make it a bit more new technologies, we can share more not only food, unity was born and then a subgroup was karrot, diverged from, way smaller and groups are more contained. Make connections among the groups, over the years there is an effort too make it a bit more general.
    • Screenshare a bit
    • drive through different groups on Karrroot
    • inactive ones on Italy
    • questions: one person that is responsible for the place, manages the cite for a supermaket
    • what should be coded and what is more flexible?
  • how can karrot support recup?

    • recup needs a platform to organise themselves, platform to have available information at the moment
    • we could use the platform, a way to extend the commmunity and extend our activities to other supermarkets, add dif days during the week, instead of once a week
    • getting more information how recup organises, we could give recommendation about features, better support with more context
    • Karrot needs a bit of practise
    • might be also tranlatable in english, dont know how european groups, noone actively involved in that topic though
    • way easier to set up sth on Karrot, more decentralized but its always up to u which way you go
    • how a pickup works; we go to the market, we fidn the presindent, we approached the sellers, they gave us the ok, we decide an hour every sat. with asocciations is a bit more tricky, if a lot we call ppl around the place, still very flexible, store information
    • federico part of a board, no need to do a test, anyone can participate in the activities
    • different groups on watsapp, they know that everysaturday we go to the market, googleform u enter your name, when to book ur seat in the market so u know that in the market there are 7 ppl etc. the day is always the same though.
    • bring ppl to another system. it takes some time…its a bit of energy demanding to get all ppl there. I think its way smoother
  • What now? Next steps?

    • if there is a cost of Karrot? or if its free? → no cost
    • try it out, make a place there and try it out?
    • Do we want to have recup rules?
    • go to and make a group
    • there is ‘Playground’
    • ‘Karrot Team & Feedback’
    • another call in 2-3 months?
      • 21th March 19.00 CET

4. Actions/Outcomes

5. Closing Ceremony

  • 5 min
  • checkout