Application feature: possibility to undo accepted application

User story: Request by Tomek from Warsaw group

Possibility to revoke admission to a group by a person who accepted it (or even better by a any person with editing rights) but with a restriction that this option is active only for 72h. As mentioned during Karrot days it is very important in our group that we let in only people after multi-stage recruiting process which is run by delegated members of our group. As we are getting bigger and bigger new members(but older as well) forget about this rule and from time to time they add somebody too quickly to the group. Especially with adding functionality of ‘Public events’ we might encounter more and more joining requests and such false admission cases which we would like to be able to revert in some reasonable time if they were a mistake - that is why limitation of 72h

From Log: incoming feedback in raw format - #4 by bruno

Complexity: doesn’t sound very complex but not that simple either, requires work at frontend and backend

Outcomes (or what needs to be done to move forward): some sketches to define where to find the button to revoke/undo the accepted application. We’d probably also need a dedicated session to discuss some other details, like the time frame suggested by Tomek and who in the group is able to do that.