About the Feedback and ideas category

This is a place to try and keep organised all the feedback we get on Karrot for fixing and improving features, as well as the suggestions and ideas for new features :bulb:.

If you want to give a feedback and suggestion you’re welcome to do it here, but you’ll probably get a bigger response in our Karrot group :karrot: and then later we try to find a place (and maybe some level of priority) for your feedback in this category.

If you want to report bugs :bug: you can also do it there on the group, on Github or on another category of this forum: Issues - Karrot Community


So how to start?! We’ve got tons of feedback and many overlapping or about the same thing.

here’s a suggestion by @nicksellen on a Karrot thread:

@tomek sent a nice list of changes that would be very useful for them, I wonder if we can collect this kind of thing from other groups, then somehow prioritise the work? Maybe even people in the different groups can talk to each other too … and with some karrot people to guide the process?

Even though I don’t have much dev capacity, if it’s possible to work out really useful small changes, with well specified detail, that makes it much more possible. Maybe we need a template/process for this…

So perhaps have different categories of size… And details about who is impacted, the user story part. That kind of thing. Would be lovely!

I like the suggestion and that is what the category on this forum can be used for. Let’s try to figure out a nice template… Maybe having a topic to dump all the feedback in its orginal raw format, then creating new topics - maybe two or more groups come up with a feedback on the same feature - with a better presentation of the information, like the following:

  • user story: who requested something, which groups get impacted and how
  • level of complexity: is it well-detailed and simple, or is it a more complex idea that requires further thought, mockups and maybe even a design process?
  • actionable outcomes: is it ready for implementation? Or do we need more information from other groups for example? Do we book a session to discuss it more and figure out other details? What’s next?

I just started slowly looking at some of the feedback and try to write posts to organise them. My first question was whether we should lump together some of the ideas on the same topic, or whether we should create different posts for each even if they’re slightly different. Hard to tell! I took the place feature as an example and put two ideas together in one topic: Improve places page and favorite places

But there are other topics created by @hwojcik , also about places, which seemed not worth mixing together with others. Maybe we can start working better with tags or subcategories in the future where we can see the connection between these posts.

In the upcoming weeks I’ll have more time to start working on organising all these topics! :slight_smile: