Improve places page and favorite places

User story: Tomasz from Warsaw group requested two nice tweaks to improve display of places:

  • Possibility to have a list view showing all places, besides the cards view
  • Remove archived places from favorite places menu

Complexity: seems quite straightforward and easy to implement

Outcomes: maybe a quick check with people from other groups to see what they think. Other than that I’d say it’s ready for development

From Log: incoming feedback in raw format - #4 by bruno

NFR After upgrade we see in list only Favourite places on the list in the left side menu - to see All places we need to click ‘See All’ - in view of all places we should have also option to choose between tiles and list view
NFR Place which has been moved to archived status should not be visible for members of karrot group in ‘List of Favourite places (on the left side in menu) - if you would want to remove from that ‘Favorites list’ you have to bring it back from archived status to do so. So everyone who clicked ‘Favorite star’ in such Place, once it is archived is removed from its list ‘watchers’.

Related to improving places, see also District attribute for places and Possibility to edit place statuses of cooperation

My personal comment on the idea, from the perspective of my food saving group…

List view would make it very practical as well, for cases when there’s a lot of places.

  • The design for switching it could be the same as in the agreements feature, like this image
  • Columns displayed on list view could be the same info displayed on cards:
    • Title
    • Type
    • Description (what fits…)
    • Number of activities
    • Mark as favorite

Regarding not showing archived places on favorite places sounds fair to me too

I just saw the topic and thought I’d look it it.

Grid/list view:
I had a similar idea, but about the possibility of changing the grid in the places gallery view to 3/2/1 colums for desktop and 2/1 for mobile - I didn’t write it yet, and probably that’s good, because I think Tomek’s idea for a list of places is better than mine.

Below is my personal comment, I have not contacted Tomek, this is my own opinion:

  • I think the Karrot user who wants to switch to list view wants the see as minimalistic as it’s possible to quickly check all the places/places categories. So one of the first thoughts was to not displaying the description of the place.
  • (highly subjective opinion) I will not hide that I don’t using the feature of “number of activities” myself. If I want to sign up for a activity, I usually choosing the place itself or doing it in the activities list. Therefore, I have hidden this option to make the list view more clear.
  • Title and type are necessary to display, and the “mark as favorite” option seems (to me) to be used by a significant number of users.
    Above conclusions allowed me to create a simple and very clear list, especially on mobile, where space is very limited and every pixel is gold here.

Mockups idea (grid/list):
(The mockups also contain changes to the filters, but that’s not this topic - just an idea for a different development, there’s no need to pay attention at this. Maybe only for grid/list toggle icon.)



About favorite, archived places:
As a Karrot user I had same problem. I saw a favorite archived place on my favorite places list and didn’t know how to unfavorite it. Clicking on such a place opens the place’s page, which have only one option - restoring it. After some time I found that I can do it from places gallery view, but I have to specially sort the list by archived places to find it.
I know this is a different topic (if it’s needed, I can delete this part of the comment and post it in a separate thread), but it seems to me that archived places should also have their active page, but with inactive some of the options and no possibility to create activities.Perhaps possibility of look at the past feedback, wall, or history without restoring a place would be comfortable option for Karrot users. And there would be a possibility to unfavorite place there.

Mockups idea (archived place page):

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Great with the mockups! Thank you!

I agree with keeping some details out on the list view, especially on mobile. Also had the same thought previously about places that have been archived showing some content. I’m not sure though if it’s best to open a new thread about it, so I’ll just leave it here for now. Maybe it will be good to move this to another place when we start tackling it.