Your feedback about Karrot redesign

Hello, today I’m releasing a new Karrot version that has many design changes. Most of them were caused by upgrading the Quasar UI library to its first major release.

Let me know if there’s something that annoys you a lot! Maybe we can change it.


Text size is now a bit too small. Not a problem for me personally but maybe for older people?


Can you make a screenshot of a page that looks too small to you? I wonder if it looks different than here.

It looks smaller than mine, but on the other hand your screen resolution is twice as big and the pixel density of our screens is probably different, so actually a screenshot is not very helpful without some reference. Is the font too small for you @Disa?

For me the font size is good, but im 27yo and see well, for someone old it could definitively be a problem with the small font size. I have a small laptop MacBook (Retina, 12-inch, Early 2015) with the setting for (biggest resolution?/ mer utrymme) for the screen.

I use 100% font size in browser and system setting

Ah yeah, those input fields have been giving me headache… I’ll see if I can do something to resolve this!

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So far, I only found this problem on mobile Safari (i.e. iPhone) - it’s a bit hard for me to fix it as I don’t own Apple devices. It’s probably the size attribute on the input fields that might cause this, but it seems alright on Chrome, Firefox and Desktop Safari.

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I have something similar on Opera (mac) - is this related ? When i edit the pickup time it doesn’t show the minutes

Thanks for the report! It seems that input size settings are different depending on browser, system and font…

i don’t have any specific changes from the default settings. dunno if this helps.