Wrong orientation of pictures


I got information form one of our members in Warsaw group that when she upload pictures form phone they are rotated 90 degree and it is immpossible to rotate it to proper orientation. Proper arrows to do it are present but they not work.
When adding from computer they are uploaded properly.

Do you know about it?

I’m not aware of this particular case, but usually EXIF orientation tags are involved when then final orientation is wrong.

I just tried the “rotate” arrows and they work in my case, maybe they just don’t work for some pictures or on a phone?

Might be worth collecting more information!

I try to get more feedback form users. For me works but aparently more peoples have such issue form phone.
I will get back when I get more info.

Still try to gather to get more info.
For now I know that it happen form phone, one case LG Q6 other case Xiaomi.