What is Karrot?

See our readme on Github for a nice overview!

We develop free and open source software for you to organize your pickups!

The core piece of our work is a tool, that is meant to enable you to run a successful, efficient and organized foodsaving project. It is a completely translatable, open source and free piece of software, that is developed by passionate volunteers only.

We host an instance of it on karrot.world and you can try it out as much as you like. The general idea for long-term use however is, that foodsaving groups host their own instances if possible.

You’re very welcome to visit our project on GitHub if you want to have a closer look at the code.

These are just some of the benefits you’ll experience when deciding to use Karrot for your foodsaving group:

  • Less confusion
    All the relevant info of a store can be entered on the store page. General group info can be entered on the group page and every single foodsaver has a profile, in which info can be entered.
  • More overview
    You have a map of where the stores and the people doing the pick-ups are located. You have a nice list of upcoming pick-ups and can sign up for them online.
  • Record of past events
    The history shows who did what and when. If a pickup was missed you can see who to yell at… :wink:
  • Karrot is fully translatable by the community and many languages are already added. To contribute more translations just visit the project on transifex.
  • Since Karrot is open source we encourage groups to host their own instances of the platform, if they have the ability to do so. Still, we also provide access to a hosted version here on foodsaving.world.

Here is a more detailed list of features:

  • application process for group join
  • user accounts with profile information and picture
  • store pages with description and location
  • map to display store locations
  • individual or recurring pickup dates
  • optional notification and summary mails
  • group wall with emoji reactions and reply-by-email functionality
  • full translation support via transifex
  • activity history for full transparency
  • pickup feedback option
  • pickup conversations
  • user-to-user conversations
  • a lot more in the future! Karrot is under active development

Coming soon:

  • newcomer roles with restricted editing rights
  • the Karrot app on the play store! :smiley: