Wall: find back important communication

User story: Request from Tomek, Warsaw

Could there be a possibility to scroll list of posts in Wall by date or month with years at least?- we are posting there some important communication and we have encountered that we need sometimes to come back to them which with current scrolling option is very difficult.

From Log: incoming feedback in raw format - #4 by bruno

Complexity: Not sure, depends on the solution adopted

Outcomes (or what needs to be done to move forward): more discussion basically, and then some design

I also feel it could be useful, although never experienced this particular need so much.

Tomek suggests one solution, which is to apply some filters, the way I get it. Another possible solution is to mark threads as favorites, with the little star. They could be stored in the notification bubbles at the topbar

I will add one request I’ve got myself, which is related to the above

User story: I wish there was an easy way to fetch the URL for a particular thread. I came across this need while organising the feedbacks here, so I wanted a way to easily get back to the original feedback given in the Karrot Team & Feedback group. I can find such an URL at the e-mail notifications, but not on Karrot itself

Complexity: seems quite straight-forward, frontend only?

Outcomes (or what needs to be done to move forward): a little bit more discussion and a sketch of where to find the link