Video tutorial: installing the web app (PWA) on mobile

The app on the Play Store is no longer supported since our last release! It is actually unusable so you better delete it. But there’s an alternative for mobile! It’s the so called PWA (progressive web app).

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to install it (for Chrome - Android)

Step by step

  • open browser on mobile
  • go to
  • open browser menu/settings (three dots right upper corner on Chrome)
  • add to home screen
  • go to Karrot’s hamburguer menu → Settings
  • all the way down: enable push notifications

That’s pretty sweet! I’ve done it on my phone too :smiley:


I also found out today the PWA is installable as a desktop app on a mac (well, a “chrome app”), which seems to work quite nicely! … ah also in Chrome on my linux desktop (actually, now I remember I did try this before).

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