Transform private group description into group wall description

User story: While each place and also each wall by consequence has a header with a description, the main wall doesn’t follow this paradigm. A description above the main wall would be really useful to show some common group stuff (reminder of rules, links to important documents or websites…). The private group description may be used for this purpose, but it is hidden on a dedicated page, and the user needs to find and click on the information button in the left sidebar. Therefore, I suggest to move this group description to the top of the main wall and to remove its dedicated page and icon in the left sidebar.

Complexity: Easy, I guess

Outcomes (or what needs to be done to move forward): Coding

Considering the group description is so hidden right now, I think it makes sense! However, with time it might get annoying and sort of in the way for the people who’ve seen it for hundreds of times. Perhaps if there’s a way to hide it and save it hidden, then it would work nicely.

We’ve also been discussing a related but very different idea that might also be useful for this useful case, and that would be to re-design the group’s landing page to some kind of feed that editors could pin things to it (like group description, messages, activities, etc.)

It would probably givea completely new feel to Karrot and navigating it. I think it’s worth pursuing it at some point. I’ll open another thread to it, and I’m looking forward to hear some thoughts on this idea to work it out together!

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@bruno, I agree with your concern about annoying you. A simple solution would be to make it collapsible. It should not disappear completely as you should be able to find it back in case you need its contents.

Someone brought up the text used to describe the “group description” → Copy recommendation on Create New Group page · Issue #2706 · karrot-dev/karrot-frontend · GitHub

… with a suggestion to clarify it as: Internal group description (visible for members)

… which to me bought up the previous discussion/idea to rename it group information.

So I think there are a few options here, would be happy for feedback and ideas how to make a decision! (a poll on here?).

The usefulness of this field is very much connected to the UI, how it’s displayed, as the discussion above shows. But yeah, leaving that aside, it would be an improvement just changing the name.

I see the point with naming it information, as it is how it’s used usually. But that’s a very general word and when creating the group would not make much sense to me. So I like description better. :slight_smile: Internal group description (visible to members only) would be my favorite choice of wording

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