The logged out user has lost the right to administer own group

Hi, when I founded my group, everything was Ok.
When I tested my user access on different devices and browsers, I logged out from Karrot and want to logged in again. But my group now has 0 members and I need answer the entry question. Answer is done, but I cannot approve self to join this group. Weird situation. How can I solve this? My application still pending.

Hi @spotter, welcome to Karrot!

It’s true when there are 0 members, nobody can handle applications anymore. That’s a problem that should be solved eventually.

But the more interesting question is how you got removed from the group in the first place!
Can you tell me which group it was? Then I’ll check what’s going on there.

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i have two account on both dev and public site with same credentials. My tests for bug report I do on dev site. Secondary I check same behavior on public site. I use the mobile device with small resolution.

when I join to dev site, I was joined to its Playground. Then I create new group KrumLogr. Switching between 2 groups works well. So I try to leave group Playground but this is not allowed. Is it wanted behavior?

When I visit the Setting page, there ale “Notifications by group” dropdown, which allow choose joined groups for setting of invitation. This switch immediately switch my groups. Only visible sign of this change is small logo in top left. The warning message talks about “this group” not exact “this XXX group”. So I left “this” group and accidentally stepped out of my group where I wanted to stay. Not clear for UX.

btw… the invitation url used in invitation e-mail not working. I use public mail interface … the link redirect me to karrot, but red waring “Ooops, could not accept the invitation!” appears immediately.

No, as far as I know, you can leave all groups, also the Playground group. What problem did you encounter?

Indeed, on mobile should make it clearer which group currently is selected. We could also add a group selector in the settings page that does not switch the active group.

Did you open the URL with a Karrot account that is already part of the group?

I understand now. Your process of inviting a new member to the group requires 2 steps.

  1. First, the user must register their account with Karrot
  2. This new user can then be successfully invited to an existing group.

However, when admin invites a new email to a group, it doesn’t have a Karrot account yet and is therefore rejected.
The invited person will not understand why. He expects to be admitted when invited.

So when building a community, I have to explain to a new user that they have to take 2 steps. This is a little complicated for restaurants that will manage Places. I have to explain to them that they must become members of the community.

A simplification would be if the invited user was redirected to the registration form and joined the group immediately after registration.

That is not correct, you can send invitations to any email address - it doesn’t matter if there’s a Karrot account for this email address or not.

But it does matter who opens the invitation link:

  • if nobody is logged in, Karrot shows the signup page and then adds the newly created user to the group. You can also switch to the login page and use an existing account
  • if a user is logged in, Karrot adds them to the group immediately
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ok… I’m not sure about this behavior, but I’ll try again. Thanks!