Template text: Letter to a store

Adapted version of the letter to a chain’s HQ made by volunteers of Foodsharing i Östersund

Dear Sir or Madam,

foodsharing Östersund would like to support you in your endeavor to reduce food waste.

As we read on your local homepage, you already take measures to make the best possible use of all the produce that is not fit for selling anymore. We are one of the local initiatives that could help you reach this goal also here in Östersund.

Foodsharing is a successful and growing volunteer organization, which aims to reduce food waste. It started 6 years ago in Germany, has since saved over 14 million kilograms of food in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and is now expanding to more European countries, including Sweden, Poland, Denmark and the Netherlands. Since we offer the possibility of complete confidentiality, this list of partners is in no way exhaustive.

We cooperate with individual stores, as well as complete business chains. Every business, that handles food is of interest to us.

Right now, foodsharing is in the process of being established in Östersund.

We suggest that after a first trial pick up, with your clearance, we run a trial with this store for 3 months to prove to you, that the foodsharing movement here in Östersund able to reliably cooperate with your store, in a way that is beneficial for everybody involved.

The basic points of any foodsharing cooperation are the following:

  1. We as foodsavers sign a responsibility waiver, which transfers all responsibility linked to the saved food to the foodsavers picking it up. The stores are in no way liable for any possible consequence arising from the consumption of saved food.
  2. The saved food will be handled anonymously, if preferred. Only if agreed to and wished for Willy’s will be pointed out as a cooperation partner of foodsharing.
  3. We will agree on fixed pick-up times, so that the cooperation can run harmoniously in the frame of your logistics and planning.
  4. We are discreet and professional; our foodsavers are flexible, quick and behave in a way that does not disturb any part of your business.
  5. After the pick-up the saved food will be distributed unconditionally to everyone, who can make use of it, since our main aim is to make use of the resources already available and thus fight food waste. This often leads to people receiving it, who otherwise would not be able to afford it.

For more information and personal contact we invite you, to a Skype call or a personal meeting in Östersund, whenever it fits your schedule.

Thank you for your attention, we’re looking forward to cooperating with you!


________ for foodsharing Östersund