Template text: Legal agreement of foodsharing Wurzen

This is a shortened and translated version of the original legal agreement from foodsharing.de. The only paragraphs omitted are the ones that specifically include mentions of features on foodsharing.de such as ambassadors, store coordinators, store teams, violation reports et cetera.

Legal agreement of Foodsharing Wurzen

By completing this form, the requirements for participation in organized food rescue in and around Wurzen are fulfilled. Acceptance of the two-part legal agreement forms the basis for joint work against food waste.

Part 1: Self-declaration - Code of Conduct and duties of care
Part 2: Liability exclusion

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Part 1.1: I will act as a foodsaver within the scope of foodsharing. This means that I collect food from food donors and undertake to either consume it myself or to pass it on to third parties free of charge (private, soup kitchens, food banks, non-profit associations, Food-Share Points, online as a food basket etc.).

Part 1.2: The ultimate goal is to protect all edible foodstuffs from destruction and to let them be consumed by humans instead. As a foodsaver, I volunteer for social, ethical and ecological reasons to minimize food waste and thus hunger, resource wastage, climate change and much more.

Part 1.3: Foodsavers are an efficient, local and timely addition to other non-profit organisations such as the food bank. The aim is to enable all small food donors such as bakeries, organic shops, restaurants, etc. to cooperate with the foodsavers as far as possible, so that no edible food has to be thrown away, regardless of the size of the food business.

Part 1.4: The comprehensive satisfaction of our cooperating stores is an important part of foodsaving. I commit myself to ensure it through a reliable, friendly and open-minded attitude towards people and businesses.

Part 1.5: The goal is to achieve a pick-up rate of 100%. In order to guarantee this, as a foodsaver I will register all pick-up dates on the website. I will be well connected with other foodsavers. In the event of an unexpected failure such as illness, etc., I am obliged to remove myself from the calendar as quickly as possible and to take care of finding a substitute foodsaver who has already picked up at this particular store. Only in an emergency I choose a foodsaver who has never picked up at the store before. If no replacement has been found up to 24 hours before the pick-up date, the search for a replacement must be continued via telephone and e-mail until someone is found. If the search is not successful up to one hour before the pick-up date, the store must be informed immediately by telephone that no pick-up can be carried out on the day in question.

Part 1.6: As a foodsaver, I pledge to store or cool chilled goods and perishable foods properly until they are handed over to third parties, otherwise I will not pass them on to third parties.

Part 1.7: As a foodsaver, I guarantee that I will not dispose of any edible food during or after the pick-ups and that I will take care of the disposal of the no longer edible food, but also of packaging, cartons, etc. in a responsible and professional manner.

Part 1.8: Furthermore, I undertake to leave the place where the goods are received or separated at least as clean as I found them. The foodstuffs are picked up at the times desired by the food donors. Usually these are fixed times, but we are also prepared to pick up foodstuffs spontaneously if needed

Part 1.9: As a foodsaver, I declare to respect the values set out in this agreement and not to harm foodsharing. I acknowledge that I can be excluded from participation as a foodsaver if I violate this declaration, in particular if I deliberately or grossly negligently damage foodsharing through my actions or statements.

Part 1.10: When I act as a foodsaver, I commit myself to political neutrality. Foodsharing is a free action space created by the dream of ending food waste and the conviction that every human being gained the right to food through birth in this world. Our actions have a political background, but we do not want ourselves to be associated with any political party. We distance ourselves from any accusations party affiliation or accusations of support for such a party. We also distance ourselves from any religious affiliation.

Part 2.1: As a foodsaver, I take responsibility for the food and maybe other consumables. The donor is excluded from liability for negligence. I will not file any claim against the donor and/or their suppliers for compensation for damages.

Part 2.2: I undertake to check the food donations for their edibility to the best of my knowledge and belief before passing them on. As a foodsaver, I therefore bear full responsibility for the food and maybe other consumables that I pick up and have to decide for myself whether it is still suitable for consumption or distribution. I waive the claiming of any compensation for damages against the respective donors, including their suppliers.