Template text: Flyer to contact stores

slightly adapted flyer from Copenhagen
This format is especially useful with food stands at events and markets!

foodsaving is a grassroots initiative. Our goal is to organize redistribution - meaning unconditional sharing - of surplus food. We believe that still edible but imperfect food should be shared in a non-exclusive and non-commercial way. Our initiative is building upon the already existing initiative foodsharing Germany, which has so far been very successful, saving tons and tons of food waste and making it possible for people to actively get involved in the issue of waste flow. We are now looking for local businesses, that are interested in collaborating with us.

We offer to pick up your food waste on a regular basis, by arranging pick-ups when it is most convenient for you. Our volunteers then redistribute the food all around town.

As we are non-commercial, no money is involved and any legal issues are avoided, as we take the whole responsibility for everything that may happen after the food is given to us.

Contact us at mail@example.com to arrange a collaboration with us.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!