Template text: Benefits for cooperating stores

Made by Janina in 2016

  • reduced cost for disposal of waste due to reduced amounts of waste

  • reduced amount of time needed to handle surplus food since our foodsavers take care of sorting out what is still edible and of disposing of the rest

  • guaranteed pick-ups on agreed on times which may recur regularly or can be arranged spontaneously

  • guaranteed picking up of everything you decide to give to us, be it goods in broken packaging, still edible food that exceeds its BBD or samples

  • possibility for spontaneous pick-ups in case of wrong shipments, cooling failure or any unforeseen events

  • better image because of your commitment to take action against food waste, if you want us to make it public

  • if you prefer to remain discreet, we will guarantee to not mention the name of your store in any context outside of our foodsaving community

  • absolutely no risk of liability issues since all of the foodsavers have signed a legal notice that serves as a waiver for you and states that you can in no case be held accountable for any possible negative consequence derived from the consumption of saved food

  • guaranteed ethical distribution of the saved food and goods

“That we need much less bin capacity and reduce additional costs [due to the cooperation with foodsharing] is a nice side effect. […] Food waste in retail is in no way inevitable!”

       - Georg Kaiser, executive director of BIO COMPANY