Statistics per Person

Our group (EfA) likes the statistic tool about the amount of good quite a lot.
It would be great, if we can get more statistical information, e.g.:
how many pickups each group member has done (=total of pickups/person)
how much he or she could pick up in total (=total amount of kg picked up /person).
Thanks a lot

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just a little note … don’t do more statistical functions. Do not waste energy on such functions. Do not repeat a model such as Facebook or other software that offers features that just eat your time or sorting people and make false competition. Try to improve the workflow for collecting people who don’t have time to click on the phone.

this is my 50cent advice.
Have a nice day, peace… :slight_smile:

We asked for the statistics per person, because we need it - not for any fun reason, or any competition.

Our group needs the statistics for an overview. We are distributing more than 90% of our pickups to charitable organisations and families in need.

Since we have a large number of Markets and Members, we have to make sure, that all feedbacks per person are given and that no member has to deal with too many pickups and too much stuff.

One of the things that’s quite important to me that clearly differs from Facebook is that the users and groups can give input to us about how the software can be made more useful to them. With Facebook etc, you just have to hope they might add a feature (but you know they won’t). With Karrot, I want to empower users to feel they are part of the project, and their input is very valued. We can make it great together.

So, if one group finds per-person statistics useful, who I am to say otherwise? - so long as it is in keeping with our core principles (which we probably haven’t articulated clearly anywhere… that would be a good idea to do!), then it seems OK.

I also understand if there is a desire from other people or groups not to focus on numeric data too much, and if so, we can maybe make it optional per-group, that’s a very interesting aspect to me, as we make the software so that many different types of groups can make use of it, how to discuss the features? It’s still quite early stages for that I feel, but also very important to be able to do that, how do we build the nice society and have great software without discussing these topics and finding good solutions together?

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I support the idea of @sylviaschneider as the data necessary to do both calculations should be available already. I would suggest to add a small section to the profile page, between the contact information and the personal history.