Show link previews

User story:

When you paste a link to a a karrot URL into a chat app, it creates a preview, but the preview text is always just the default Karrot home page text, not the info about the link.

In the case of sharing a public activity link it would be very helpful to have the preview have the basic information about the public activity.

This is requested by Dave in Robin Foods.


I wrote about some of the technical details here Support link previews · Issue #2617 · karrot-dev/karrot-frontend · GitHub

It’s actually surprisingly complicated due to our architecture.

Currently my preferred solution would be to introduce SSR (server-side rendering), which would require running a nodejs process to serve up a template index.html file, and also switch to normal routing urls:

Current URLS look like:
Normal URLs would look like:

Would also improve SEO ability :slight_smile:

Outcomes (or what needs to be done to move forward):

Consider the priority of it, and schedule it :slight_smile: