Short description of place

Great! Thank you @bruno!
This is exactly what I was looking for on community forum!

Whats below is just an idea, not a need.

User story:
As a member of the group, I would like to be able to make a short description of the place so that:

  • the place primarily will display the most useful information
  • be able to organize the preview of places in place gallery view
    so the information presented in the place view will be presented in a more transparent way.

Currently, the description of the place displays the main description of the place, and the amount of visible content depends on the device used by the member. Moreover, (probably) not every place description contains the most important information in the first lines.
The proposal is to create an additional “short description” textfield, which will be displayed as a description in the places gallery view and as first in the collapsed description in the place page.


  • More organized preview of places in the places gallery view
  • Displaying the most relevant information first in selected place

Possible acceptance criteria:

  1. Creation a “short description” textarea for each place type.
  2. Limiting the “short description” textarea with a character limit (probably 150-200) so that members will use this field according to its purpose.
  3. Giving the possibility to edit “short description” for any group member with a role that allows editing places.
  4. Replacement displayed “description” with “short description” for each place in places gallery view.
  5. Placing “short description” above “description” in terms of displaying in the description on the place page:
    1. Option 1 - when the place description is collapsed, only “short description” will be displayed. Long “description” will be visible only after expanding the description by “show more” button.
    2. Option 2 - when the place description is collapsed, displaying “short description” and 2-3 lines of long “description” (using text fade) to make it easier for the members to understand that the description of the place contains more information. (suggested option)

pt. 1, 2, 3. - short description textfield

pt. 4. - places gallery view (mobile)

pt. 4. - places gallery view (desktop)

pt. 5. 1. - place view

pt. 5. 2. - place view (suggested)

pt. 5. a, b - unfolded description

Potential use:
(in other places that are not the subject of this user story):
It would be quite a cool feature to view short description on large map after clicking the place pin, e.g.:

Additional info: