Sending a newsletter or announcement to members

User story: From Kranti, FS Leuven

Is there a way to fetch the contact details of the active members? We would like to send a monthly newsletter to the active members.

Complexity: depends on the outcome

Outcomes (or what needs to be done to move forward): more discussion and design! :slight_smile:

The suggestion above is about active members, but I know of use cases in which it’s good to have the contact of inactive member too.

And also the question: should we consider having newsletter/announcements as a feature on Karrot?

In my group, we had an internal newsletter for several months and only posted it on the main wall. The main drawback was that we did not reach our inactive people or people having disabled e-mail notifications as one of our goals was to activate the more inactive ones. Unfortunately, we stopped it due to a lack of resources, mainly time.

For our general assemblies, we as an association are legally forced to invite everybody via letter or e-mail. Therefore, we ask new people to sign up through a form on our website before we let them in on Karrot.


EDIT: I just repeated the entry above. Sorry I’m still quite sleepy :woozy_face:

I think it would be nice to have a flexible newsletter/announcement feature in which you could choose to which of the following to include:

  • active group members
  • inactive group members
  • non-members from a list

The latter would be the trickiest to implement with more things to consider, but it can open up some nice possibilities, like for example a button on the group’s public page (/groupPreview) for non-members to sign up for a newsletter.