Remove or move internal group description, aka "group description, visible for members"?

Hello Karrot users!

I noticed that the group description that’s only visible for members might not be used very much, so I wondered if we can remove it and have more space in the sidebar.

So I would like to know:

  • if you use it
  • how often you update it
  • if you think it’s the perfect place or if there could be a better one

Maybe we can improve something there :wink:

With love,

We have our rules there. We don’t update it too often, but it would be good to have some place for rules, links, etc. We still have a lot on FB, but with the store walls we are slowly thinking about moving from FB to Karrot only!


It’s not used frequently but it’s needed. I think having it in the sidebar under “Home” section is the best place for it. I’m not sure where else it could be to easily find it if needed.

I had some issues with this recently, I find it a strange thing about our Karrot page:

there’s a lot of info about our group in the description on Karrot.

But to get to it, you have to click a black circle with an “i” in it.

I guess “i” is for “information”

but the page header says “Foodsharing Stockholm > Description”…???

What I want to get across is that it’s tricky to communicate about this page to people on Karrot.

I was trying to tell a group member where to find our mail acc and login.

So I want to say
“check out the group information”
“check out the group description”

And then I have to say where it is:

“click the small circle with an “i” in it to the right of the home link”

Which is not very intuitive. “i” for description, because that word contains the letter “i” (twice) or what? :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree that it would be nice if there was a “description” link in the list beneath “Home”, i e among “Wall”, “Activities” etc

It’s not super important of course, but could be smoothed out eventually?

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Thanks for the input @Olof_Tyden :slight_smile: …and especially writing it in this existing thread that is very old, but very relevant still!

Maybe it makes sense to rename that whole field “group information” if that is how it actually gets used, and put it back in the sidebar menu…

Having a quick look at all the groups I’m part of they all seem to use it in the same way - information about other places (e.g. facebook groups, google docs) and some rules/guidelines.

And there is still the “public description” field for the more general description of the group.

Can anyone think of any reason against renaming it to information?