Remove email address from profile page - resistance?

We had requests to remove the email address from the user profile page, e.g. here Access to users' detail · Issue #428 · yunity/karrot-frontend · GitHub
Back then, we didn’t have conversations, so emails were the only way to reach out to your group members. This changed, so I would be tempted to remove emails from the profile page and treat them as authentication detail (e.g. only necessary for sign up and password reset, but not visible for other purposes).

A question to Karrot users: Would you have resistance against removing the addresses?

The only thing that comes to mind is, if somebody turned off their notifications for messages in karrot, then a mail adress is kinda the last resolve to contact them.
Couldn’t we maybe have it like this:
By default the mail adress is shown but if somebody really wants it turned off, they can change it in the profile settings?


I don’t want to have the mail address removed

I agree with Teddys suggestion. Or just leave it as it is. Its important to have contact information to the other foodsavers in your group.

If someone really dont wants others on karrot to know their emailaddress, they can just create a new emailaccount they dont use, and use that for the karrotaccount…

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I agree with others - I think it would be better to have it.